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About Internet Of Things Development

Ever watched a scene in a movie where a person snaps and the lights go ON/OFF? Cool right? It is no longer fiction; the technology right now is making it possible. With the Internet of Things, multiple devices at your house can connect and send information to each other. According to Business Insider, by integrating all of our modern-day devices with internet connectivity, the IoT market is on pace to grow to over $2.4 trillion annually by 2027.

This course shall help the learners to understand various terminologies related to IOT and build applications such as home automation, analyzing and interpreting atmospheric data , developing server/ server-less analytical application. The course structure shall enable learners to build IoT based applications to solve real world problems.

Who this course is for

Someone with basic knowledge of computers and electronics will learn IoT easily. To develop an IOT device you need to know concepts of computer networking, coding and sensors.

The IoT course involves advanced concepts and techniques, including Wired, Wireless, Application, Transport Layer, to develop devices such as sensors, create, and deploy IoT solutions, and addresses various technologies and IoT Communication Protocols.

A comprehensive understanding of commonly understood IoT frameworks and principles can be accomplished by students.

What will you learn?

  • Introduction to IoT: Mbed Boards with Sensor Integration
  • Sensor Libraries and wired communication protocols
  • Introducing Wireless technology and API’s
  • Introducing Relational Database and Grafana Installation
  • Data Analytics
  • Integrating Grafana with Database and send Alerts using Grafana
  • Control and monitor your IoT system through HTTP web server
  • Learn PCB Designing
  • to control the home equipment's

Resources Available/ Access to technologies

Lab Kits

ESP 32, ESP 8266, Arduino Uno, Tiva cortex M4, Nordic board Raspberry Pi Communication devices: BLE, LoRa, Xbee, NFC, RFID, WiFi.Sensor modules: GSM, GPS, GPRS, Ultrasonic, Motion sensors, Neurosensors, Moisture control, LCD, i2c based sensors, SPI sensor, Alexa echo module.


Arduino IDE, Anaconda Python.

Open Projects

Open projects are a great way of practically learning the things that you have studied in your classes. This would be a great way of testing your knowledge that you have gained. Points awarded will be reflected in the leader board that will help you get better internship

Ongoing Projects

Ongoing projects are the projects carried out by the mentors of the center of excellence on problems that are specified by the industries. This is the great way of utilizing the knowledge to solve community-centric problems. The outcomes are products and IPs.

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Course Duration

Duration: 48 Hours
Recorded Sessions: 12 Hours
Live Lab Sessions: 36 Hours

Course Fee

Rs. 6,000 Only

Extra Takeaways

Workshops by Industry Experts - 2
Hackathons based on the course - 3
Live projects from Industry/Community*

Video Presentation

Thanks to you, our students are gaining the knowledge, skills and values to create a more humane, just, and sustainable world.