Unleashing a new wave in education to nurture the future work force
How do we help in building a career?

A gamified hybrid learning platform for building careers in future technologies.

Gamifying the learning experience Role play based learning that inspires, motivates and engages individuals with personalised goal-based tracks.

From Discovering to building competencies

An integrated platform that brings together various learning experiences to help students choose the best career.

From Discovering to building competencies Discover the courses before enrolling A plethora of workshops, webinars from domain experts helps learners in gaining the glimpse of the domain and its various opportunities even before enrolling in to the course.

Enabling innovations through collaboration

Driving Technology through community centric solutions.

Building Community centric solutions needs more than just brilliant minds, they need mentors, experts from the domain, successful entrepreneurs, influencers who will enable the change and technocrats who can help in integrating right technology for scalability. Enabling community centric innovations through collaboration

Creating competent engineers

Career opportunities for Compassionate Competent Engineers

As per UNESCO’s report “Investing in Creativity”, cultural and creative industries currently provide nearly 30 million jobs worldwide and employ more people aged 15−29 than any other sector. With the focus shifting towards creating products and services that add value, the role of creative, competent engineers is immense and so are the opportunities in the creative economy.

How do we do it?

Personalized learning

Engaging videos, structured by Industry experts, designed by a creative team and live sessions from the passionate mentors to help you develop your knowledge in future technologies.

Skill development

Fun filled, challenging and gamified hackathons, workshops, webinars that will help learners build competencies expected by industries.

Industry Projects

Live technical projects from the communities/ local industries that helps Learners apply their skills acquired to build solutions along with experts from the domain.

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