TagItSmart is redefining the thought of everyday mass-market objects not ordinarily considered as part of an IoT ecosystem and ever-changing the approach to how user-to-things interactions are viewed.

TagItSmart is an organization enabling an ecosystem of connected objects with smart tags driving the service platforms. Smart tags being the heart of their technology and attaching tags to products such as milk cartons, beer crates, temperature-sensitive medical supplies, etc, are able to convey vital information along the life-cycle of the product along with widely available smartphones enabling the capturing, recording and transmission of these codes and the information they contain. Counterfeit products and brands are a worldwide issue with tremendous economic and wellbeing consequences, the wine industry is no exception, with wine fraud as a real problem both for wine producers and wine consumers. Considering which an approach is proposed that combines IoT, Cloud, and Mobile technologies enabling custom-designed smart tags that are applied to each bottle of wine to provide food track and trace capabilities. The smart tags combine QR code with additional information and before scanning, users are prompted to select the context of the wine bottle in order to provide additional information regarding each bottle as it moves through the supply chain. This information is utilized by the uniquely designed heuristic to help users and winemakers identify issues with individual instances of the product.

Besides such systems solving the problem of counterfeiting that affects the profit of any organization, the benefits of such systems include improved protection of the brand and reduction in the risk of health hazards.