Saule Technologies is a leader in commercializing perovskite solar cells by releasing products available for licensing and with the first B2B sales in early 2021.

To help safeguard European bison in Ukraine, Saule Technologies, an organization developing another age of solar-powered cells, made a telemetry device in collaboration with WWF(World Wide Fund for Nature) Ukraine, co-financed by the United Nations Development Programme(UNDP) and the Polish Challenge Fund. European Bison is one of the species centered by WWF to recuperate in Europe, especially in Ukraine. Animal tracking offers great value in understanding the habitat and nature of bison, additionally overseeing general herd movement in the forest or field. For resolving the problem of the short lifetime of commercially available asset-tracking devices in capturing big, long-lived mammals, such as bison, the solar-powered collar was designed to be more optimal for monitoring such big wildlife, wherein replacing the battery also becomes troublesome and costly. Further, a GPS sensor is used to track the location and send the data via LoRaWAN communication protocol. With the guidance and support of Wildlife Practice Manager, Bohdan Vykhor the collar, the tracking application, and the transmission infrastructure, were successfully installed. This initiative is a response to the Sustainable Development Goals(SDG) of the United Nations, chiefly Climate Action, Life on Land, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Affordable and Clean Energy, and Partnership for Goals.

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